About us

Shahriar Steel Structures is one of the prominent steel structure fabricators for oil, gas and petrochemical projects, heavy industries majoring cement production plants and steel industries. Wide varieties of high-rise residential and commercial structures are among the company’s main field of activities.

Supported by its unique facilities and devoted personnel, the complex with the capacity of over 40,000 Tons/Year, has played a major role in performing mega projects, which in turn have its own significant influence in nationwide development

Lines of Activity


Major lines of activity in which quality and excellence measures as core values:

  • All type of steel structures majoring oil, gas & petrochemical fields, heavy industries, cement factories, power plants  
  • Residential/Commercial Steel Structure Buildings
  • Special or Customized Steel Elements
  • Steel Structures for Urban Utilities
  • Steel Bridges/Walkways
  • Elevated Storage Tanks
  • Assorted Mechanical Equipment mainly Mechanical Packages, Atmospheric Storage Tanks, Vessels and other Petrochemical Equipment




The fabrication yard of shahriar steel structures is located in an area of 165,000 Sqm in Shahriar suburb city of Tehran Metropolitan. There are 30,000 Sqm indoor manufacturing yard in three production lines. It keeps 1,800 Sqm of administrative offices and 1,800 Sqm of ancillary building, including workshops, warehouses, dressing rooms, etc. Home office undertakes engineering, commercial, contractual, financial, and administrative affairs.

Over 500 expert personnel including engineers, technicians, skilled technical workers, welders, financial and office staff are performing to make sure the company lives up to its promise.

Supported by its unique facilities, the complex is known as one of the top automated steel structure fabricator of the country.






Ultimate Ideals

 Customer satisfaction will not be accomplished unless professional principles and standards are strictly followed. To do so, Shahriar Steel structures has employed the followings as the company’s institutional attitude:

  • Enhancing quality level and offering premium quality services and products.
  • Providing customers with the expected services to fulfill the project contractual requirements and offers high quality services accordingly.
  • Adhering to health, safety and environmental regulations and standards.


All clients with projects involving any kind of steel fabrication can greatly benefit from shahriar steel structures, where high-tech equipment, round the clock involvement of personnel, enormous financial support, constant and thorough inspections and extensive supplementary services are all there to show appreciation for customers’ business and trust, and deliver the final products and services with utmost excellence.

General Contractors of EPC Projects

EPC contractors, depend on  shahriar steel structures for design, fabrication, and erection/installation of their project steel structures as well as mechanical equipment, meanwhile, their procurement unit can benefit from the company  in mass provision of the essentials required for each plan.

Mega Construction Projects

The company’s services can be assigned to prominent construction plans, official and residential towers and commercial complexes.

Foreign Clients

Overseas contractors of heavy industrial projects as well as contractors of high-rise steel buildings, are part of the company’s clientele.

Human Resources

Proficient workforce with world class expertise, together with administrative, financial and management experts help Shahriar Steel Structures furthers its keen to uphold the reputation as a quality product and service provider.

Our skilled personnel are required to go through trainings in all stages, so that every one of them is geared up to tackle their responsibilities. Meanwhile, educational programs help them keep up to date with the latest technologies and standards.


Quality Management System

To be able to offer premium functionality and effectiveness, Shahriar Steel Structures deploys an integrated quality management system and constantly strives to enhance it. Achieving certificates of the commitments to the ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO/TS 29001:2010 standard in quality management system and ISO 3834-2:2005 standard in weding quality management system and OHSAS 18001:2007 Standards attests to the endeavors of the company in this regard.


shahriar steel structures strives to put its prospects across by means of the following:  

  • Improving the quality of products and services 
  • Acquiring cutting edge technologies in manufacturing and service providing 
  • Expanding services to the regional overseas countries 
  • Securing a market place on top of the domestic Steel Fabricators and Suppliers