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Overall account of services includes:

Counseling and Directing Costumers

Supported by its experienced and skilled team of engineers, Shahriar Steel Structures offers counseling services to help and direct all clients fully comprehend their own needs and determine the optimal structure type, size, quality and design to realize their objectives, in case they need assistance in any aspect.

Manufacturing Steel Structures and Equipment

A great deal of constructing steel structures and components happens in the production lines of Shahriar Steel Structures factories, which benefit from advanced facilities and progressive technology. The fabricated items are observed and examined at every stage, so that they would be in complete compliance with the required standards. The company’s laboratory and the processes of Quality Control and Technical Inspection in production line would control the application of these standards.

Installation/Erection of Steel Structures and Equipment

Efficiency and the highest levels of quality workmanship and on-the-job safety are essential requirements of a structural steel erector. Shahriar Steel Structures maintains high standards for steel structures erection to bring value engineering to any project. The company’s experience and resources allows us to take on steelwork installation/erection projects in any industrial settings, steel buildings, bridges and etc.


Starting with single line diagrams of structures, a suite of interlinked programs is used for the design, drafting and preparation of shop drawings. PDMS, TEKLA STRUCTURES, BOCAD 3D, STAAD PRO, SAP, ETABS, MS-PROJECT and PRIMAVERA among extensive computer programs are utilized.
The produced electronic files for shop drawings are compatible with the CNC cutting, drilling and punching machines.

Software shahriar steel

Production Standards

AWS D1.1 Standards for fabrication, welding, destructive and nondestructive tests

AWS D1.1



Standard which is used for nondestructive tests and tolerances

ASTM Standard for measuring and inspection
DIN Standards for physical and mechanical specifications of bolts, nuts, etc.
ENV 1090 European standard for fabricating steel sections
BGAS-SSPC British Standard for painting and shot-blasting tests
AISC Standard for design and fabrication of steel structures


  • Production Standards shahriar steel
  • Production Standards shahriar steel
  • Production Standards shahriar steel

Fabrication Processes

Based on material take-off generated from fabrication drawings, the material including plates, profiles, bolts and nuts, etc are supplied after adequate market surveying, by the procurement department.
As a critical aspect of fabrication, material pert is calculated and managed to be minimized by the production engineering team, leading to preparation of cutting plans. The incoming plates and profiles are pre checked to be approved to enter fabrication line. There are two different but parallel fabrication lines for profiles and plates.

  • Fabrication Processes shahriar steel
  • Fabrication Processes shahriar steel
  • Fabrication Processes shahriar steel

Preservation Line

With the aim of cost-effective and high uptime surface treatment, the preservation line is used for pre and final coating. The entire line is totally engineered around the specific application and size and geometry of the parts.



  • Preservation Line shahriar steel
  • Preservation Line shahriar steel
  • Preservation Line shahriar steel